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About the project

In modern conditions, it is possible to achieve an original and significant result in fundamental research only on the verge of contact between different areas and branches of science. In cryolithozone, in the Eastern Arctic and Subarctic all natural processes without exception are carried out with the participation of cryogenesis, due to the internal laws of permafrost development, its reaction to abnormal external effects —  anthropogenic and climatic. Surface waters of permafrost landscapes are closely connected with climatic conditions, they are influenced by the structure of the roof permafrost, seasonal and long-term dynamics of the active layer. This project aims to study the short-period dynamic relationships of the active layer and the water balance of small rivers in the Pacific and Siberian climatic regions of the Arctic and Subarctic. In the base research on actual observations (1994-2017) weather, active layer and the exogenous cryogenic processes on the network of CALM in Eastern Siberia and Chukotka. The project provides for regime observations of the super-frozen aquifer, drainage of condensation waters, conditions of feeding and runoff of rivers and streams of 1-3 orders. Among the expected results: the establishment of a mechanism of feeding the rivers in dry years, due to melt and condensation water of the roof of permafrost; balance calculations and simulation of the river flow of lowlands and plains of the permafrost zone; the study of the dynamics of temperature and chemical composition of the supra permafrost, lake and river waters in the conditions of fluctuations of the climate.

​Retrospective and prospective model conditions of supply of small rivers of the permafrost zone will give a new theoretical basis for forecasting and water quality of hydro systems of the Arctic Zone of the Russian Federation.

​The project involves researchers of science Institutions and the University:
North-Eastern Interdisciplinary Scientific Research Institute. N. A. Shilo FEB RAS
Lomonosov Moscow State University, Faculty of Geography
Melnikov Permafrost Institute SB RAS
Water Problems Institute RAS