The effects of absorption edge structure of atoms in x-ray fluorescence analysis

Borkhodoev V.Ya.

X-Ray Spectrometry. 2009. Vol. 38, P. 128-131. 
The effects of the absorption edge structure in XRF manifest themselves as a very strong attenuation of the analytical line radiation when it is in the XANES range. In this paper, this effect is exemplified by an ultra-strong Ba-caused attenuation of the Ce Lb1 line. This case was experimentally studied. Comparison of measured and calculated relative intensities has shown that the actual mass attenuation coefficient of the Ce Lb1 line in Ba is 1.6 times greater than known values. This is due to that the Ce Lb1 line is within the initial range of L3 Ba absorption edge, i. e. the XANES range. Such an effect of the absorption edge structure of atoms must be considered using the fundamental parameters method in quantitative . This paper also presents some other possible cases of this effect. 
Key words: x-ray fluorescence analysis, effects of the absorption edge structure.

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