Горячев Н.А. Жильный кварц золоторудных месторождений Яно-Колымского пояса

UDC 553.62:553.41(571.65)

Veined Quarts in Уаnа-Kolyma Belt Gold Lodes

Magadan: Far East Branch, Russia Academy of Sciences, 1992. 136р.

The typomorphic properties of veined quartz are described as a result of a detailed study of 42 gold lodes in the North-East of Russia. The indicating features are found characteristic of this ore assemblage. Regular typomorphic alterations are distinguished pointing to a cryptozoning pattern of gold mineralization. The identified properties are actually applicable to prospect and estimate gold mineralization in the Russia North-East. The composition and properties of quarts as depending on originating conditions are considered. Polymer high-concentrated SiO2 solutions are proved to be the most influential while gold mineralization.

The monograph is intended for specialists in mineralogy and geology learning ore deposits.

Published according to the Scientific Editorial Board, Far East Branch, Russia Academy of Sciences.

Managing Editor: G. S. Gamyanin

Readers: Y. I. Goncharov, N. E. Savva


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